Thread: a question about the windows application tutorial

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    a question about the windows application tutorial

    hello everyone,

    on this windows application tutorial, Windows Programming , in the example code provided (on line 5) it
    #include "stdafx.h"
    and i dont have this header file (thats because i use bloodshed dev c++ v4.9.9.0, and Ken Fitlike helpfully explained it was microsoft visual specific header -- or whatever msvc stands for), so when i compile it it says missing header file... but when i delete this line a few problems occurred..

    it doesnt exactly tell me which line the problems are on, but it says

    in function `Z7WndProcP6HWND__jjl':
    undefined reference to `SetTextColor@8'
    undefined reference to `TextOutA@20'
    in function `WinMain':
    undefined reference to `GetStockObject@4'

    can anyone help me on this problem? im quite confused on this...

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    msvc stands for microsoft's C/C++ compiler, and since you aren't using it you shouldn't use the header. Look up those functions in whatever documentation they would have to find any replacement headers they might need

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    The errors are being caused because the rest of the program assumes that you have included that library. Ken gave you some tips on what else to change in your code, so he may know what to replace these lines with. However, if this tutorial series is going to keep on using msvc stuff, and you don't want to do msvc stuff, you might want to try a different tutorial. Forger's Tutorial (google search for it) is quite good, and teaches you the original Win32 API. It's in C, but with a couple of changes to the non-windows header files, it should work - it just requires a pretty good knowledge of C/C++ syntax. There are other APIs out there like MFC and stuff. It's up to you.

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    wow u guys sure reply faster than i expected...
    anyways, i skimmed through forger's tutorials, and it seemed pretty good. thanks for recommending it to me.

    i guess ill check his tutorials then, if msvc is that different from bloodshed. owell...

    thanks again

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    but when i delete this line a few problems occurred
    The problems didn't occur because you deleted the include line. The errors you have are linker errors, not compiler errors. It looks like you need to link to the Gdi32 library. Read up on your compiler documentation to learn how to do this.

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