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    Some Direction...

    Alright heres my situation...
    I want to convert a vb program i made to c++.
    The things I have not accomplished in the transition as of yet...
    1.Reading a Text file to a listbox.
    (in vb you can read a file to EOF so I'm sure its in c++ too)
    2.On Comboboxes in vb you can associate an Item Data with the Items in the list.
    3.Winsock API o.0
    I'm trying to figure out vc 6.0 (the benifits of using MFC over pure api) right now so thus far the program is in MFC.

    Heres a SS of the vb program.
    Basically it just trys to buy user defined items from the shops on the game to give the user an advantage over other players.
    I had to cut of the side of the picture to make it fit the upload specs.
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    Hmmm what exactly are you asking? If you already know C++ and have become used to VB than MFC is the way to go. There are two major benefits to using MFC. The first is that it uses names for objects that are similar to what you have come to know in VB. The second is that you can use Visual Studio's tools to easily add code to a control. But I digress...

    If you show the part of the code that is giving you trouble maybe we can help you a bit more. Otherwise, good luck on your project. Looks good thus far.

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