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    Question Flash as a resource

    Just wondering if there's a way Shockwave Flash files (.swf) can be used as a resource in a Windows program? I intend to create animations in Flash and then place them into an invisible window on the desktop, creating a free-roaming character.

    Can anyone help me out with this?


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    In C# it is a lot easier for sure for Windows applications / flash.
    Trying googling:
    Flash C#
    Or Click Here
    If you're doing this in C++, I don't know if any of these articles are as good as the Flash C# ones, but I hope these work out:
    Flash C++
    Or Click Here
    Because I've never tried the C++ Flash articles, so I couldn't tell ya.

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    Effectively, it's this:
    1) Macromedia's Flash Player is pretty much the only program that can reliably playback Flash animations.
    2) The Flash Player can be integrated into your application as an ActiveX control.
    3) Using ActiveX controls is a lot easier in C# than in C++.
    4) The problem is feeding the data to the Flash Player if you embed it in your exe. I think you'll have to see if the Flash Player ActiveX supports a memory stream as input.
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    Just when I think I've got a handle on this thing, I realise I'm using the wrong language again! Oh well, thanks for the advice guys.

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    To answer your very first question, a resource can be anything.

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