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    posting a mouse message to a window


    I'm writing an app that automates a process for me based on the log window from another 3rd party app while it is being generated.

    I've tackled the reading of the apps log window and I've ascertained that the buttons belonging to that app are somehow protected from access so I can't send messages directly to the buttons to simulate them being pressed.

    The approach I'm now taking is to set the app window pos to 0, 0 so I know the screen co-ords of the buttons and send WM_LBUTTONDOWN messages to the main app window like such

    PostMessage ( hwnd, WM_LBUTTONDOWN, 0, button_x|(button_y<<16) );
    The app doesn't appear to register these mouse button presses though, so should I presume that the app is able to ignore user generated mouse messages ?

    I've run out of ideas now as to how I can simulate the buttons of this app being pressed. If anyone has any suggestions, no matter how convoluted, I'm all ears !


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    When you click a button, do you press the left mouse button without ever releasing it?

    Here are some options for you to try:
    - follow the down press with a WM_LBUTTONUP
    - send BN_CLICKED to the button's parent
    - use mouse_event or SendInput


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