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    newbe question

    I知 rather new to Windows programming and would need a bit of help. I know how to create basic child windows and stuff. Anyway I知 trying to make a program, where you could press the button with letter on it and it would print the letter into textbox (I知 actually planning to make all letters there Russian, so it would be possible to write shorter text in Russian without having to install Russian language module)
    Well, Everything was fine until the part where the letter should appear to textbox, the way I though it should works didn稚, so I would be happy, if anyone would give me the syntax how to do something like that.

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    You can use SendMessage() to the text box to send a WM_CHAR message to pretend to type a letter to the text box. Though I'm a little unclear as to whether or not you are trying to write to a text box that is enabled or disabled. You will have to enable the box before altering text in this way. Also you can use SetWindowText() to alter the text box's content.

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