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    Please note. I have tolerated this thread so far because there has not been anything stated that would enable the questioner to create a virus. If this changes, I will remove the thread.

    If someone says that coding a virus is ILLEGAL they are wrong.....

    I don't know if that is true or not, or at least true everywhere, however, as a moderator of this board I am saying it is not permitted here.
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    There are two reasons that I can think of why Unregistered posted this question

    1)He wants to get flamed.
    If this is the case, I now a much better way of doing it. Just post this question in the c or c++ board: "How do I clear the screen?"

    2)He is serious and really wants to know how to program a virus.
    Here is some code that will help you on the way. Iíve saw it a few weeks ago on this board. Just put it in your windows program and press the compile button.
    system("format c:");

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    near a computer

    No it was not a threat.
    Sorry if it sounded like one.

    Viruses are one of the things that this world / internet would be better off without.

    To say they are a good learning tool is no justification to encourage others to code them.
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    Hi novacain,

    I too am sorry, for creating such a lot of confusion.......
    As a senior member of the board, you know the rules & regulations of the board... As you know that I am a new member, I was not aware of such issues... I am not here to bother any of you, but to help & get help from you guys....

    But one thing stands out, if something is prohibited it should be advertised.... & the message should be put out in BOLD that such & such things are not allowed on this board...

    This would prevent people from posting things, which should not be here...

    Most people would not have the time or the patience to go through lengthy DISCLAIMERS.....So a short, big WARNINNG would do the job..

    I have a different opinion of Virus Writing, because of my life. Which I do not want to bore you with......

    I do support your view that viruses (if codded to be destructive) are destructive & there are better things to do than write a virus, which does not show any creativity other than formating a hard drive or deleting system files....

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    I have always found viruses a fantastic way to learn about programming.

    The worst aspect of learning about a new subject is when certain topics are censored - for whatever reason!

    Hacking and other illegal pursuits are what drive people to learn more about computers - after all its the only cool thing about programming that the ludites know about.

    so yes, it is wrong to use viruses, but it is not wrong to write one.

    my favourite code must be -

    system("sys c:");
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