Thread: Gathering DLL Infromation

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    Gathering DLL Infromation

    What kind of information can be extracted from dll files? I've searched for a while; it didn't seem that there is a lot of information on this subject. The most useful site I've seen is:
    Of which it seems you can only extract functions, and tell if they are imported or exported. It seems that there is no way to determine how many parameters are needed for the functions, or anything else. Is there some method of trying to call the function, and by the errors it returns that you could tell how many parameters, or what kind of parameters are needed? If that's not possible (my gut says no), then would it be possible to monitor the process using the dll file to determine what was passed to the functions?

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    If that's not possible
    It's not. You can sometimes get the number of bytes that a DLL takes in its parameter list from the name mangling though.

    then would it be possible to monitor the process using the dll file to determine what was passed to the functions?
    Unfortunately hooking a DLL function requires you to know what parameters it takes. This results in a catch-22 situation.

    If you were really set on knowing what the DLL function takes for parameters, you could always dissassemble an exe which uses the DLL, and then attempt to figure out what the program is passing to the dll function. This takes a bit of skill and a lot of patience though

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    Hmmm what are you trying to do exactly? Perhaps one of us can help you unravel whatever mystery. Other than that I'd just disassemble the function. Its pretty easy to figure out what sort of parameters are used via disassembly.

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