Thread: Multithread security problem

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    Multithread security problem

    I maintian a MFC program which invokes some class written in plain C++ code. These plain c++ class contain multithread member functions and the MFC program invokes those member functions. I've read some articles that say in MFC program you should use AfxBeginThread instead of CreateThread and _beginthreadex, if not to do the replacement, there'll cause some mulitithread security problems.

    I'm curious that will it cause security problems in my MFC program? If will, how can I resolve them? Should I use MFC mulitithread function in these plain c++ code?

    PS. In those plain c++ code, they use CreateThread to run thread functions now and using /MD switch. I consider I may use _beginthreadex to replace those CreateThread()s for safty. Am I right?

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    Read the last paragraph of the 'remarks' section in the description for CreateThread for the circumstances under which it's safe to use that api function, although I suspect they probably mean __beginthreadex when referring to _beginthread.
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    There are two issues here:

    First, you should use the MFC function AfxBeginThread() if the thread being created uses any MFC api's or objects. MFC maintains thread specific data needed to make the MFC framework work. Technically, it's not always bad to not use AfxBeginThread(), but understanding when it isn't bad requires understanding how the framework works...

    The second issue is the one Ken is refering to. Understanding why this leak can occur is alot easier than understanding the MFC framework. Scroll down to the bottom of this thread for a nice summary of the situation.


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