Thread: Help with DB development

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    Help with DB development

    Hello, for the past two years I have been developing solutions with MS Access and I have become increasingly frustrated with the limitations of form design. I have decided to go back to good old C++, however I could use some pointers in the right direction. I was hoping someone here could provide some help as in what references are good for using C++ to manage the interface and control logic while still maintaining Access/SQL server as the backend database. Thanx in advance.

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    I suggest using ADO. There is a set of classes that I've used for the last couple projects I've done. You can find them at

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    I use ODBC and MFC.

    MSVC has classes including CRecordSet. Easy to use with a DSN.
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    Thankyou for the advice. Do any of you know of any good references I could obtain to read about these things?

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