Thread: MFC run application by clicking on file...

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    MFC run application by clicking on file...

    hi there,

    i've written a pretty simple MFC application for viewing floating point tif images. basically, by doing file->open, i create a child window that displays the image.

    what i want to do is to be able to associate these floating-point tiffs with my application, so that when i double click the file, it will run the application and open the file... at the moment it just runs the application but does not open the file.

    so, all i want to happen is when the file is double clicked and the application runs... is for the OnOpen() routine to be called the same as when the user does file->open from inside the application. if you know what i mean...?

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Well there are various ways of associating a file type with a program.

    In XP, you just right-click on the file, choose "Open With..." and follow the dialogs to choose your program.

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    In the WinApp::InitInstance() call GetCommandLine(), which returns a pointer to the command-line string for the current process. Load the file using the file name that’s contained within the 2nd set of quotes. e.g.:

    "C:\Program Files\MyApp.exe" "C:\Some Folder\Dragged.jpg"

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    You add a registry key to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. More information here.

    Edit: oops, I misread the question. I thought you were asking how to associate a file with your program.
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    thanks scarlet!

    inside WinApp::InitInstance, here's what worked for me:

    char* buff;
    char* command_line = GetCommandLine();
    buff = strchr(command_line, ' ');
    if (buff != NULL)
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