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    New to COM

    Hello I have just read my first tutorial about COM and coded my first app with it.

    I want to know is there any way to understand what methods are hidden behind any particular interface. Let's say I know what the IShellLink interface is for, but how can I view it's methods?
    Or I must find documentation about the interface?

    EDIT: The compiler knows about the member functions at compile time.
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    You must find either documentation, source code (.h or .idl) or a type library, if one exists. Type libraries only exist for actual implementations, though, so you need one of those, too.

    Since you're able to compile, you already have a .h.

    But documentation is best, because usually only the documentation tells you exactly what a method is supposed to do.
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    There are a couple of good type library viewers.

    The first is the Object Browser included with MS Office Applications. Open Word. Goto Tools->Macro->Visual Basic Editor. Then goto View->Object Browser. To load other type libraries goto Tools->References.

    The other is the MS OLE-COM Object Viewer. This is more complex than the Office object browser. It is included with the platform SDK and other tools or is available as a seperate download from Microsoft.

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