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    complete newbie help


    I just started to learn win32 using the forge's tutorial,

    I know c++ and c at least enougth and nothing about win32 api programming,

    i'm just trying to figure out how a second window is handled,

    ok to create and show the "main" window i dont have any problems and to handle the events from a winproc function, but i dont know how to handle the events of another created window in the same program,

    thi is done in the same winproc function of the main window?
    must i create a new winproc for each new window i create?
    are the "rest" windows treated as "dialogs"?and not exactly as another window?

    i ask this because in this tutorial and the rest of tutorials i have they only gives examples for a single main window, and mdi but is not mdi what i need know

    thanks for any idea
    i just need a little theory how is this achieved

    please excuse my poor english
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    you probably mean Dialogs....

    Here you've got a nice tutorial about dialogs and about handling them...

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    so, if i need to use more than one window i use dialogs?

    thanks for reply

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    Not necessarily; you can have any number of windows based on your own or even system registered window classes. But if you've 'just started to learn win32' then dialogs are fairly fundamental.
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