Thread: problems with giveio in win2k

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    Question problems with giveio in win2k

    Hi all,

    I am trying to access ports via the giveio.sys driver but I can't even open it.
    In Visual C++ I built a normal Dos Box application and the routine ran fine but when I use the same stuff in my DLL, it just won't work. The CreateFile() always returns an invalid handle value:

    h = CreateFile("\\\\.\\giveio", GENERIC_READ, 0, NULL,
    if (h == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE) {
    MessageBox(0,"Couldn't access giveio device","Error",MB_ICONHAND);

    Can anybody give me a hint why this happens, why it does not work in my DLL?

    Thanks a lot!
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    What does GetLastError() return?


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    Thanks for the hint, it returns:
    2 The system cannot find the file specified. ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND
    But why does the exact same code work within the dos box application? How do I have to specify the file location in the DLL?

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