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    Lightbulb E-mail?

    How do I e-mail a message to someone?


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    Connect to a mail server and use SMTP to communicate with it. Here's a reference.
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    Also go to and look up the following;

    RFC 821 - SMTP, for sending simple mails

    RFC 1939 - POP3, for recieving mails

    RFC 1521 - MIME, for sending/recieving attachments

    There are loads of other RFC's that update each other, but these three are very helpfull.......

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    You can also do it with outlook (or default e-mail client)
    #include <shellapi.h>
    ShellExecute(hDlg, "open", "", NULL, NULL, SW_SHOWNORMAL);
    You can also add the title and body of the mail but I forgot how to do it. If I find a code example I'll edit this post

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