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    EditBox background

    Hello. I wanna to change EditBox background image, is that possible? I tryed with WM_ERASEBKGND massage, it`s ok, image appears in edit box, but I can`t see what i write in it. :/ any better suggestions ? THNX C ya
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    One possibility is to handle the parent's WM_CTLCOLOREDIT (WM_CTLCOLORSTATIC for read-only edits) and return a suitable brush handle. The brush handle for an image can be created by using CreatePatternBrush or you can use one of the other brush creating api functions for different patterns/colours (eg. CreateHatchBrush and CreateSolidBrush). If you use this approach, use SetBkMode to make the text background transparent; you may also have to invalidate the control in the EN_CHANGE command notification to ensure that changes you make to the edit control's text are properly rendered.
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