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    I'm trying to retrive a list of the processes in memory.
    I can use EnumProcesses and Process32First, but this returns
    much more information than I need.

    I want to only list the processes that are being run under my user name and not SYSTEM or LOCAL SERVICE.

    does anyone know how I can do this?


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    So just step through the information and compare - what's so hard about that?
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    Because I don't know if the process that I'm stepping through are User processes or System processes.

    There is nothing that tell you if it is or not.

    Take the taskmgr for example, this will tell you what the processes are, but I have found nothing in the win32 api that can help me determine this.


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    Here's a small example I found (google). Don't know if it works or not - it's a direction to search in atleast.
    HANDLE         hToken;
    TOKEN_USER     oUser[16];
    DWORD          u32Needed;
    TCHAR          sUserName[256], domainName[256];
    DWORD          userNameSize, domainNameSize;
    SID_NAME_USE   sidType;
    OpenProcessToken(procHandle, TOKEN_QUERY, &hToken);
    GetTokenInformation(hToken, TokenUser, &oUser[0], sizeof(oUser), &u32Needed);
    userNameSize = sizeof(sUserName) - 1;
    domainNameSize = sizeof(domainName) - 1;
    LookupAccountSid(NULL, oUser[0].User.Sid, sUserName, &userNameSize, domainName, &domainNameSize, &sidType);
    [EDIT] It works. [/EDIT]

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