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    Winmap like visualization

    I'm creating a wav player and am making use of PlaySound(). i need to create a simple bar visualization like the one in winamp..
    Please help me..THANKS!

    [edit] how can i play mp3 files in my program?

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    Do you mean a progress bar or a display of the sound volume/intensity?

    AFAIK you can't with playsound. Need finer control or more info from the OS. From Winmm.lib and Mmsystem.h.

    Look at using WM_WOM_ messages and a timer for a progressbar.


    will help.
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    a few years ago i used the fmod libraries to play music. It was free then as long as you are not going to profit from it.

    FMod MP3 Libraries

    I was able to play mp3's or wavs but you have to pay if you intend to profit.
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    winamp has a SDK on there site,
    it might have something in it to help you
    with your visualization.

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