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    Unhappy Second dialog doesn't appear


    I've created a single doc project with CFormView instead of CView and get so a dialog.

    I inserted then a dialog in the project by means of Insert/Resource/Dialog.

    What should I do to make this second dialog appear on the screen when pressing , let's say, a button on the first dialog ?

    All reply will be much appreciated.



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    Are you asking how to display a new window with the new CFormView window?

    Call something like the following from your CMainFrame class:
    	/* First get a handle to a newly created Document */
    	CMyDoc* pMyDoc = (CMyDoc*)pServerTemplate->CreateNewDocument();
    	/* Create the child frame for the Document */
    	CChildFrame* frame = (CChildFrame*)pServerTemplate->CreateNewFrame(pMyDoc,NULL);
    	/* Set the description of the window */
    	/* Update the child frame, and make it visible */
    	/* Set the text for the child frame */
    	strcpy(frame->m_szWindowTitle,"New Window");

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