Thread: using VB for forms + vcc for processing

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    Question using VB for forms + vcc for processing


    i've very recently started learning visual programming with MFC. It seems that making forms in vcc is a bit of a pain, at least compared to borland c++ builder...

    i've heard some people use vb to do the gui and c++ behind the sceenes.

    is there anybody here that does that? if so, could you give a bit of detail? any pointers on net would be most wellcome....

    all the books i got for vc++ dont mention that at all. it's only c++



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    Thumbs up that would be good

    I reckon that would be splendid. I am sorry as I don't know how to do it either, but if anyone can they should tell us. I think you can however, because I read in my VB book something about VC++ users locating a VB text box file....

    Be good if anyone could shed any light

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