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    Flashing when minimized

    hello, i am trying to make my program in the task bar start flashing when there is a change to my program that i want to inform the user about, I hope you understand what I mean.


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    Like when using an IM, such as MSN, and someone sends you a message when the window is inactive?

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    Have a look at FlashWindow() and FlashWindowEx().


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    FlashWindow() works to flash once, and it says use FlashWindowEx() if you want it to flash more than once, but VC++ 6.0 isn't recognising FlashWindowEx() or the FLASHWINFO struct.
    error C2065: 'FlashWindowEx' : undeclared identifier
    error C2065: 'FLASHWINFO' : undeclared identifier

    Any ideas?
    windows.h is included.

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    FlashWindowEx() is not available on all Windows versions. Which version are you using, and is you SDK up to date?
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    Smile SetForegroundWindow

    Try SetForegroundWindow(). if the window isn't active then it starts flashing in the taskbar, it works on my Win 98.

    it's used like this: SetForegroundWindow(hwnd);

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