Thread: An fgets() implementation using ReadFile()

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    An fgets() implementation using ReadFile()

    I'm trying to write a function that works the same as fgets() (reading a file/stream line-by-line) except using ReadFile. By doing so, I'm able to use it with CreateFile/LockFile/etc. and other similar WinAPI HANDLE-based functions to avoid having to additionally use fopen() and fgets().

    I have come up with two methods so far, though I am not sure if either of the two are the ideal solution. I'm hoping someone on this forum can shed an idea/example or two.

    Method 1: Reading the file char-by-char until the EOL (end of line)
    - Pros: You are not reading any unnecessary data.
    - Cons: Extremely slow, since you are reading only one character at a time.
    - I have tested this method, and it proved to be quite slow.

    Method 2: Reading a fixed buffer size until the EOL
    - If the buffer has read more then the EOL position, I would then use SetFilePointer() to set move the current file pointer to after the EOL for the next call.
    - Pros: Most likely faster (not sure).
    - Cons: You are reading unnecessary data from the file since not every line would be the same as your fixed buffer.
    - I have not tested this method yet.

    Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    I avoid multiple reads as file I/O is very slow.

    Usually I find the file size and read it all into a dynamically allocated buffer. Then work with the buffer as needed using pointers.

    There may be reasons why this approach is impractical but it avoids many issues.
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