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    I want the client area to be 320 x 240.
    Not the whole window.

    Now, here is my code.

    HWND WinClass::Create ( HINSTANCE hInstance, LPSTR class_name, LPSTR wnd_name, HWND parent,
    					    DWORD dwStyle, int x, int y, int width, int height )
    	RECT rect = { 0, 0, width, height };
    	AdjustWindowRect ( &rect, dwStyle, true );
    	hWnd = CreateWindow ( class_name, wnd_name, dwStyle, x, y, width, height,
    						  parent, NULL, hInstance, NULL );
    	return hWnd;
    Isnt this the correct way to makesure your "client" area is the desired resolution?
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    You can always use the WM_NCCALCSIZE to change the client rect size.

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    You get the rect needed but don't use it.

    >>CreateWindow ( class_name, wnd_name, dwStyle, x, y, width, height,

    should be

    CreateWindow ( class_name, wnd_name, dwStyle, rect.left,,rect.right-rect.left,,

    (as the top and left may not be zero)

    AdjustWindowRect(&rect, GetWindowLong(hWnd,GWL_STYLE), TRUE);
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