Thread: C++ Builder and Excel files

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    C++ Builder and Excel files

    I need to generate Excel files based on database queries.
    I accomplished what I wanted to some extent.
    I use a TExcelApplication component to connect to Excel and fill the matrix with data gathered from a database query.
    But I'm having trouble generating more than one file within the same run of the program.
    The first file is ok , but when i try to load a second excel workbook it won't display anything but the header of the excel window.Besides if i try to fill a second workbook ,it causes Excel to raise an error when exiting.

    Here is quite how I do it,any help regarding what is wrong will be appreciated
    Second run of the below (trimmed)code does not work properly:
    BTW : Conenct Kind of the component is ckRunningOrNew and AutoConnect , AutoQuit are false

    TExcelApplication *Excel;
    TExcelWorksheet *ExcelWS = new TExcelWorksheet(this);
    TExcelWorkbook  *ExcelWB = new TExcelWorkbook(this);  
    ExcelWS->ConnectKind = Excel->ConnectKind;
    ExcelWB->ConnectKind = Excel->ConnectKind;
    Excel->set_SheetsInNewWorkbook(LOCALE_USER_DEFAULT, 1);
    // .....
    // Fill the matrix ... this is ok ...
    // ....
    // save file...
    ExcelWB->SaveAs((OleVariant)wcTmp,(OleVariant)xlNormal, EmptyParam, EmptyParam, (OleVariant)false, (OleVariant)false,
    delete wcTmp;
    delete ExcelWS;
    delete ExcelWB;
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    Can't you export the data as a comma (CSV) or tab separated text file? All spreadsheets can open these.
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    No , I can't
    I need to format the data

    Thanks yet

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    I dont use Borland...I could help you in VC++ if you have access?

    You could give anonytmouse's DispHelper library a go. Not sure if it will work on Borland but it might work for you

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