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    Lightbulb could I have some advice?

    I was wondering how much C++ knowledge I needed, to start learning some Windows API. I've been learning C++ since late September this year, and I am tired of working on code that produces boring DOS applications. I am half way through a C++ tutorial, but I was going to learn the API basics on how to write a simple window and a few dialog boxes, and those types of things. Should I learn some of this stuff or complete the C++ book before doing any windows programming?

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    Its worth having as much C/C++ knowledge behind you as you can......

    There's no hard and fast rule here, but the addage "Dont run before you can walk" is always relevant. Remember that once you start windows programming, you will still need all you have learned before.....

    Try a few tutorials and see how you get on.......

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    I learnt the WIN32 API before C++. Knew C though.

    As Fordy says try.....
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