Thread: conio.h in Visual C++ ?

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    conio.h in Visual C++ ?

    Hello. I`m useing Visual C++ and I need to use outportb function, but in Visual`s C++ conio.h there isn`t that function, in Borland C++ that function is. Any suggestions ? THNX
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    Get a newer book or an older compiler.

    Which port are you planning to mess with?

    Taking a guess, if it's the serial port, then use the win32 CreateFile() API and associated functions.
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    i believe that VC++ and BC++ have 2 different functions like in BC++ it is outportb and in vc++ it is something different..i dont know it off the top of my head but they may help, also i think it uses a different header file than conio

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    dont most dos compilers put the io port commands in <pc.h>? but it's been a while... you probably don't have much of a reason to mess with them in a modern enviornment anyway
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