Thread: Give me some opinions about a program's design

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    Give me some opinions about a program's design

    Some file folders will be shared in target computers by using SMB/CIFS protocol. The program is to monitor the file changing in those shared file folders. The workflow is if some new files are added to these shared folders or some existing files are deleted from these shared folders, my program should get the information and note it in a target file and the program must be run silent. Now, my solution is to write a function to wrap ReadDirectoryChangesW() win32 api to get the file change information and the whole program will be design to be a win32 service.

    Anyone, if you like, please give me some your opinions.


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    You should also account for changes that occur while your service isn't running (what whatever reason).
    You could maintain a log containing the last known set of files and their sizes and/or timestamps.


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