Thread: Tree View Control flickering

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    Tree View Control flickering


    I programming an application that needs to update a Tree View Control constantly ( it use a for statement to loop then it doing some computations and then put the child’s in the Tree View ). But this update it appears the common problem of window flickering . How can I solve it ? It is any way to use a virtual window ? I ask the second question because I have not found a way to create a Tree View in a virtual window , because the CreateWindow function that creates the Tree View it needs a window handler ( HWND ) and I cannot find the handler of virtual window.
    Is there any other way except virtual window ( for example threads )

    I use pure Win32 API ( not MFC ) in MS C++ 6.0


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    You'll want to follow the same techniques discussed in this thread.

    You'll need to be familiar with subclassing.
    Subclassing Controls
    Safe Subclassing in Win32


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