Thread: InternetQueryDataAvailable problem

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    InternetQueryDataAvailable problem

    Hi all,

    The InternetQueryDataAvailable function seems to not return what I expect. I would expect it to return the length of the file you are pointing to by hUrlFile, thus if it's 12345 bytes long then I'd expect to see this function return 12345.

    It seems to return far less - as though it's loading up one buffer of data and returning the length of that instead.

    Cut-down code fragment is as follows:

    HINTERNET hUrlFile;
    int bytes;
    LPDWORD dlsize;
    hNet = InternetOpen(is_programtitle, PRE_CONFIG_INTERNET_ACCESS, NULL, NULL, 0);
    bytes = InternetQueryDataAvailable(hUrlFile, &dlsize, 0, 0);
    The value returned in dlsize does not appear to be an accurate representation of the file size being opened on the Internet.

    Also, does it make any difference as to whether you are accessing a simple txt file or a page pf PHP that just sends plain text back?


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    I've never used those API's, but what you describe seems consistent with the documentation.


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    (BTW sorry about the ugly horizontal scrollbar you might see as a result of the long lines of code.)

    In that case, is there a function that will return the size of the file you want to download?

    I want to have one of those progress meters which shows the amount of file downloaded as it downloads.


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    For web files, you could try HttpQueryInfo() with HTTP_QUERY_CONTENT_LENGTH.

    For ftp files, you could try FtpGetFileSize().

    However, size information will not be available on all files, especially dynamically generated pages.

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