Thread: FREE: Latest Optimizing MSVC++ Compiler With Latest MS-CRT and MS-STL !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by willkoh
    What?? *Microsoft* VC++ is not windows-specific?? You can do other than windows programming? I remembered asking about DevC++ If I could compile for other platforms if I didn't use windows APIs or procs that is to be called by the system (windows), and people said, no - it's a windows compiler.

    The thread:

    (This time I actually wrote 'thread' on first attempt - I usually start typing 'threat' )

    It is a Windows compiler. What Fitlike meant was if you're doing graphical/Win32 programming, download the SDK.

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    Probably two important links for anyone wondering about VC++ 2005
    Win32 in Express
    Edition Comparison

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    I'm now convinced after doing some research about 2005 and owning my own copy that it is a ploy to sell Windows Vista and add VB-like qualities to C++ and yet still claim to be C++.

    MS be damned.

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