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    Data conversion

    In VC6++
    How can I convert a long int to a CString
    Example: convert i to string and concate
    long int i=12345;
    CString result="simple question"+i.ToString()
    string result is simple question 12345
    Thanks so much!!!
    The Beginner

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    you must remember the stantart ansi c... functions like ltoa() and strcat().
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    In C++:
    #include <sstream>
    std::stringstream Stream;
    int i = 12345;
    Stream << "Simple question " << i << std::endl;

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    Haha, gotta love C#'s ToString() function... which can be used on almost anything.

    Devil Panther and Magos are right though... but since this is in the Windows Programming forum, I'll say that you can also use wsprintf().
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    CString has it built-in
    int i = 12345;
    CString result;
    result.Format("simple question %d", i);

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    Thanks for your helps.
    I found the answer!!!
    The Beginner

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