Thread: Linking a plotter to a PC (XP system used)

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    Unhappy Linking a plotter to a PC (XP system used)

    Hello guys:

    I've been using my plotter HP ColorPro 7440A successfully for many years in the past together with my Amiga Computer.

    I would like now to connect the plotter to one of the serial ports COM1 or COM2 of my PC (XP system installed) and use the Microsoft Visual C++ (version 6) software to send instructions to the plotter.

    What type of instructions should I write in my C program to open the port first and then get access to the plotter. May be a short test program should be useful to be sure that there's communication between them ?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    Best regards.


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    CreateFile() to open port
    ReadFile() to read
    WriteFile() to Write

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    Can't you just locate a printer driver for it and use it like any normal printer?
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    There is some code in this thread that may be usefull.


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    Hello guys:

    Thanks to your replies.

    I'm only a newbee in win32 programming.
    So, I've been looking for some download that could be used easily to get my plotter working.

    I found one called for the source ( for the demo).

    It's working fine and I can give the plotter instructions through an edit box without problem. But I don't need a dialog window as the instructions are strings located in a Visual C++ program.

    What should I do ?

    Thanks again for your help.

    Kind regards.


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