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    Hidden Columns


    In my program I'm getting data for one ListView from a database. I want to implement right click pop up menu for this ListView so I can manipulate the contents in the list view.
    So my question is: Is there any way to keep the ID from the database in some "hidden column" in the list view so when the user clicks on an item I can directly get the ID of that item for example for deleting or editing.

    I'm just curious: Is there any way to keep aditional data in comboboxes too?

    P.S. Sorry for my bed English.

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    For the list view control have a look at the lParam member of the LVITEM struct. To set this value using ListView_SetItem or retrieve it using ListView_GetItem the mask value must include LVIF_PARAM.

    For a combo box control have a look at the CB_SETITEMDATA and CB_GETITEMDATA messages.

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    Or you could just set the columnwidth to 0 for the hidden column.

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