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    Dialog Display

    I have the class. It's built. I'm using MSVC++. I'm using MFC. How do I display my new dialog box? What do I call?
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    int result;
    YourDialogClass dlg;

    result = dlg.DoModal();

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    Have you seen this?
    CAboutDlg dlgAbout;
    This is where the About dialog is called. But on to your question. Luckily I have this from the old Message board.
    By an anonymous person:

    Create a class for the dialog box.
    Ex If the name of the dialog is "CMyDialog",

    In the mainframe create button in the drop down menus and then add a function for the button.

    In the function construct a CMyDialog object.
    Ex. CMyDialog dlg;

    Then call DoModal();


    Remember to include the header file for the dialog in the mainframe class......
    #include "MyDialog.h"

    So if you created a button with a caption of "Test" then the function for Left Buttohn clicked to bring up the dialog will be

    CMyDialog dlg;
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