Thread: can someone please explain this struct to me???

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    can someone please explain this struct to me???

    hey ppl... ive got this struct as a starting point to write a program for a binary search tree program... im not really sure what all the lines mean, particularly the pointers can someone please explain what each line does


    typedef struct record 
    	char key[30]; 
    	int count; 
    }DATA; // 
    typedef struct treenode 
    	DATA *word; 
    	struct treenode *left; 
    	struct treenode *right; 
    TREEPTR root; 
    DATA *new_word;

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    Essentially each node contains pointer to the data and two pointers to the left and right node. That is the foundation of a binary tree.


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    See the FAQ for a detailed explanation of binary search trees. The only potentially confusing part I can see is the use of a pointer so that a structure can have a member of its own type. Can you be more specific about what parts of the code you don't understand and why?
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