Thread: HP-UX odbc driver updates?

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    HP-UX odbc driver updates?

    Hi, I'm attempting to write a windows db app to server running HP-UX 10.1 using the an Informix 4.0 db engine.

    I do not see a current driver on the server side running an odbc driver which kills my ability to connect to the server for this purpose.

    After many searches on google I have not found a driver set from HP or IBM's informix sites to upgrade or download this driver.

    Does anyone know of any or other places I might need to look?


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    Thanks anonytmouse, I had already found that one, but they didn't have anything for HP-UX 10.x only 11.x or later. I haven't found anything on IBMs site that would match the older os needs for Informix SQL .

    Thanks anyway, I had hoped I overlooked it on their site when you sent the link, but I still did not find the os needs for what I need.

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