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    100 cpu

    i've noticed that using peekmessage is just like using while(1) and totaly consumes the cpu, what's the best delay to put into the loop?
    I was thinking sleep(0); what do you guys think?

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    The standard non-busy message loop is:
        BOOL bRet;
        MSG msg;
        while( (bRet = GetMessage( &msg, NULL, 0, 0 )) != 0)
            if (bRet == -1)
                // handle the error and possibly exit
    If you want a delay in a PeekMessage() loop, yes you can use Sleep(1)(not Sleep(0)*) to give up the rest of the thread time slice when you have done whatever you need to do.

    *Apparently, Sleep(0) will only yield to threads with the same or higher priorites, while Sleep(1) or above will yield to any thread.

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