Thread: RichEdit need help!!!

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    RichEdit need help!!!

    1. How do change the font styles (bold etc) for individual lines of text in a richedit control?

    2. Are there any methods such as Page Break etc in C++?

    3. Is there any way of adding images to richedit pages? I want to be able to print out a page with pictures and richtext on it? Is a richedit control the best way or is there any alernative?

    Any help very grateful!

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    As for the first question, I know there are a lot of threads about formatting text in a rich edit control. Here's one (it is specifically about changing the text color, but it should help if you check here for info on the CHARFORMAT structure)

    I can't help with your other two questions, but you should search MSDN if you haven't already.

    Edit: Changed the MSDN link to the library page
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