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    Custom UI

    Some application as a custom user interface like skins of DAP event the title bar appeares different how they do that

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    When you make controls for windows, all the behavior for that type of control, and it's appearance, have already been defined. They do, however, also provide classes for you to extend that just provide the bare-bones of functionality, and then you can define the rest.

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    Here is a skinning tutorial.


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    I believe this is at least the third time you are asking this. I suggest you bookmark the article Codeplug gave you.

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    I thought there would be some other simple way

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    It doesn't get much simpler than that. But, for a minimum operating system of windows 2000, you can always use SetLayeredWindowAttributes to create a non-rectangular window, setting the bAlpha parameter to the transparent colour of whatever bitmap/image you intend to use and the dwFlags parameter to LWA_COLORKEY. The window needs to have the WS_EX_LAYERED extended window style.
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