Thread: Static Spliter on a MDI

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    Static Spliter on a MDI

    does anyone has an example on how to create a Static Spliter window on a MDI application ??

    I've been doing this:
    PHP Code:
    CRect c;

    RUNTIME_CLASSMySpliterClass), CSize(c.Width()/2c.Height()), pContext);
    RUNTIME_CLASSMySpliterClass), CSize(c.Width()/2c.Height()), pContext);
    but I allways get some error on the "MySpliterClass" ... something like it doesn't belong to any namespace....
    I added my View Clas header to my Mainfrm.cpp and my document header to my view header file.
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    I think that you must include the .h file where MySpliterClass is declared in the top of the .cpp file where is this code.

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