Thread: 2 small problems

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    2 small problems

    I have tried for a whole night to get this info and hope someone out there already know the answer!

    Problem 1: What is the name of the windows file that houses the bitmap for the start up logo.

    Problem 2: What flag is changed to start the safe mode menu at reeboot and what is the name of the file that the menu is in.

    Hope someone can help.


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    I dont know what flag is switched for safemode but the startup logo is logo.sys. Its a 340 x 400 bitmap with 256 colors. its a bitmap but with a *.sys extension.

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    the bitmaps...

    Startup: C:\logo.sys
    "it is now safe to shut off your computer": C:\windows\logos.sys
    "windows is shutting down": C:\windows\logow.sys

    you should probably make a copy of these if you are going to change them.
    as for the other question. i have NO idea.

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    I think that flag will be in MSDOS.SYS

    If you change BootGUI to 0, the shell will not load. Perhaps Windows changes this to another value for safe mode.


    I think I've seen BootSafe somewhere in MSDOS.SYS

    Try booting in safe mode, unhiding MSDOS.SYS, and editing it. You will probably find the flag in there. If not, edit all other possible candidates, and eventually you will find it. I am leaning heavily towards MSDOS.SYS

    Also, which version of Windows are we talking about? Their boot sequences and files used in booting differ greatly, especially between Win9x and Win 2000. I'll look in my A+ book to see if it has any info on this.

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