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    font list

    hello, i'm writing a text editor using the win32 api, i have a drop down list box listing all the fonts,
    but all the fonts are in the same default font, how can i make each font name to be written in it's own font?
    for example:

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    Looks like you'd have to create an owner-drawn control and manually fill out each entry in the list of the drop down combo.

    For more information on owner-drawn controls, check out WM_DRAWITEM and creating an owner drawn combobox.
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    would I have to make a bitmap for each and every font?
    that's far too much trouble.
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    i've changed my mind, now i just want to change the font of all combo box items to arial, how do i do this?
    i tried the winprog tutorial code, but my compiler (msvc++) doesn't recognize 'CHOOSEFONT' or 'LOGFONT'...

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    If you are using MFC have a look at this font selection control.

    As for CHOOSEFONT, look it up in MSDN or your online help. Down the bottom of the page you will find which include file is needed.

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