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    Smile Advice please!

    I need to write a program that will have a simple GUI, a few drop down menu's etc.. The program will need to communicate with a database. The database will be in a folder on the server.

    What language should I do this in? I am supposed to use a microsoft acccess database. and What use does C/C++ have? everyone seems to be using VB is that because C does not have the GUI capability?

    ~ just a newbie! trying to make sense of it all

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    It depends on a few more parameters that you would need to consider. I would recommend C# because it's very easy to do GUI and also acess database API's (particularly Microsoft's). The problem with C# is that it's a .NET language, so it' runs on the .NET framework, which creats a few drawbacks as far as where this prgoram can run (and will also make your final product quite large), but those drawbacks are really not major. It's harder to do GUI programming C++, but you'd learn more about Object Oriented Programming.

    And this may not be the appropriate forum for this question. Maybe ask a mod to move it to the Windows Programming forum

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    1.) If you use VB you will use ADO as DB-Interface. This is the "naturally" and easy interface to all Databases. You can/will use the same interface in C++, but in C++ it is much mor difficult to use, because you must have some knowledge about COM-Programming.
    2.) You also need to have confidence in GUI-Programming C++. But GUI-Building ist not part of C++. Similar to Database-Programming, GUI-Programming is natural part of VB, and therefore much easier to handle.

    So i would prefer VB to resolve you problem, except your are well known to GUI- and Database-Programming in C++.

    mfg JJ

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