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    Question Get WM_COMMAND msgs of other applications controls


    my task is to improve an application that is able to emulate users input to other programs in order to test there functionality. What I want to do is to add capture and replay funktionality for the step of test script design. That means that my application records users input while he works with the other program. Simple global replaying of mouse and keyboard inputs is not what I need but control specific actions.

    Of course I am using windows hooks but there is the problem that I never recieve WM_COMMAND messages sent by controls of the other application with either hook type. I'm afraid that there is no chance to get them because these messages are sent directly from the control to the parent window. But I still hope that I'm wrong though.

    Any idea better than checking at each mouse click with GetChildWindowFromPointEx if a control is hit and if the click changed its state is very welcome!

    Thanks for thinking about!
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