Thread: Keep look the same at different resolutions?

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    Keep look the same at different resolutions?

    What methods are available to keep a Windows program looking the same despite the resolution they are run at?

    I'm writing a program on my computer with 1600x1200 resolution that, when run at a lower resolution, looks terrible. The button size and placement is off, the text looks anemic, and on one computer (that's actually at 1600x1200) some of my bitmaps are being clipped by the bottom of the window.

    How do you do it? Any suggestions?


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    I have not done this before and I dont know if it will work but since no one else have answered yet.. ill give it a try

    Save the number of pixels per logical inch on the computer that you develop on. You get it by using GetDeviceCaps with LOGPIXELSX and LOGPIXELSY.

    // pixels per logical inch you got above
    floag ppix = some value
    floag ppiy = some value

    Then at startup of your program get the current values and divide them with the saved ones.

    float deltax = ppix / current_ppix
    float deltax = ppiy / current_ppiy

    Now multiply all your controls positions with with theese values.

    Give it a try, but don't expect it to work 100% =)
    Try searching the codeguru forums, i've seen a couple of theese threads before.

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    Thanks erikj,

    That actually did work about 99%, and the 1% you really don't notice unless you count pixels.


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