Thread: make window stay in one place

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    make window stay in one place

    I am just starting to code in windows, borland c++ and in winapi... I would like to make a very simple window manager. My problem is that when I change the 'desktop area' my window doesn't stay at the bottom like the windows taskbar does.
    SystemParametersInfo(SPI_SETWORKAREA, 0, &workarea, 0);
    // i set it to max, then i create the window, and then I set it accordingly to the window height, width...
    I have found that this only happens when I code it in borland c+ builder language; it stays at the bottom when I use pure winapi calls. However I find it quite difficult to code in pure winapi. My question is, would it be possible to make the window (made in borland c++) stay at the bottom of the screen.

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    you could try using SetWindowPos and use HWND_BOTTOM in that.

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