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    Play something...

    Ok, i have MSVC++ 6.0, and i was wondering if there was any way to add to my program a sound file. And then when they open my program, it plays in the background. Now ive searched for 6 days now and i can't find any explanation. They have mis-understood my question, or i have written a non-understandable one.
    They think that i want my program to play a file that is on that persons machine, but what i really want is to add it to my program (like adding .bmp's) and playing it IN my program.

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    one word: "huh?"

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    Ya so...

    I guess you would wanna use a custom resource to add your sound file, then load it up and play it. The playing it from resource script i cannot remember....
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    As (TNT) stated you can import a wav resource, by right clicking on your resources folder. To then play it you can do -


    where IDR_WAVE1 is your resource identifier. You'll have to include the multi media header and library.

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    Thats just what i needed :P
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