I have a small class:
class Screen

  Screen& operator=(Screen& src);

  CString screener;
  CString horz;
  CString vert;
  CString mask;

  int ID;
  int IDbase;
  int buttonBase;
My program uses several of these to do its work. I'd like to save them out to a file & would prefer to do a binary file so I don't have to worry about parsing.

I have a fairly good idea about how to do this by making a header struct of fixed size, reading the header struct to find the size of each of the following "Screens" & go from there, but I thought that there might be some sort of fancy MFC method for doing this that I don't know about.

is there? if not, can you recommend a better way than what I'm mentioned?

Will I run into problems if I try to just write the class out to a binary file beacuse it has the operator function?