Thread: Win API wildcard function??

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    Win API wildcard function??

    In Win API is there a function that uses wildcards??

    I want to check the file extension in a path... (e.g. c:\windows\code.c)

    For instance:

    A function that would help me match this...





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    Look up FindFirstFile() and FindNextFile().

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    Sorry Zen, I meant matching strings...

    Lets say lpCmdLine ...

    Happens to be c:\windows\something.txt

    I would like to match that file path, using wild cards, like this....




    Should have been more specific

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    That's exactly what FindFirstFile() and FindNextFile() do.

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    One more try...I was still, apparently, too vague

    Let me just tell you what I am trying to do.
    In WinMain I want to check lpCmdLine with a function, which uses wildcards, to see if lpCmdLine (lpszArgs in my case) includes e.g. the .c extension, then have the application take a certain course of action. The function would, I suppose, use wildcards like this *.txt or c:\windows\*.txt when checking lpCmdLine.

    in the Win32 help file it says, "The FindFirstFile function searches a directory for a file whose name matches the specified filename."

    Sorry about that. I should of explained it this way before.

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    Use "?"

    ie .\???????????.exe
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