Thread: Should i get a new reference book?

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    Should i get a new reference book?

    I have this book "Win32 programming" by Brent E.Rector n Joseph M.Newcomer. I been relying on this book to learn window programming. However, some of the examples n explanations had been too complicated for me. I feel the author tend to assume that the reader is familiar with win16 programming n cater the content more for win16 programmers. As a result, i feel my learning progress has been very slow.

    I know there is another book "Programming Windows" by Charles Petzold which is suppose to be a "must-have" for learning window programming(but i heard it's outdated).

    Could anyone, who is familiar with these two book, tell me should i get "Programming Windows" to help me in my learning. I dont know how much more of "win32 programming" i can understand. Or is there any other book i could get or what other knowledge i should have acquire before learning win32. I already know basic of C n much of C++(classes,inheritance,polymorphism), which i suppose is enough.


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    I highly recommend these two books on Windows programming.

    Programming Windows With MFC by Jeff Prosise

    Programming Applications for Microsoft Windows (Microsoft Programming Series) by Jeffrey Richter


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    Thanks for the recommendation. I have read the reviews on the books from Amazon. The reviews seem to suggest that "Programming Applications for Microsoft Windows " is for advance window programmers. Nonetheless i will check out the books at my local bookstore.

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