Thread: Simple C++ upstart... Where to begin?

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    Question Simple C++ upstart... Where to begin?

    I am trying to do the impossible. Well, the impossible for me... I want to create a simple program that will, basically, unzip a .zip (or possibly .rar) file to a temp directory, then search the file for certains extensions or filenames, the move those certain files to a folder specified in the windows registry.


    I want to be able to add an option to the context menu for ZIP's and RAR's that will execute a simple program that will unzip that file, search for .iff, .skn, .bmp, .cmx, .wll, .flr, and house*.iff, and place them in thier corresponding folders. There are a ton of little extras I want to add but right now I'm just trying to teach myself the basics. Like playing with files in C++, or look at registy entries from a consols C++ proggie. If I knew how to do those two things, along with actually getting the cursed files unzipped, then I could hack the rest (I think). In case you haven't already figured it out, yeah, this is a sims project. Despite the fact that Sims 2 hits stores Sept 14~15, I think people will be playing The Sims for a while now. I've sat and watched my girlfriend download and try to manage over 100 files at a time several times, and it dosen't look pretty. I think something like this would be a godsend to the world of simmers. *grin* So right now I'm working on a rough outline of all the things I think the program has to do to make this work.


    Yes, I have experience with C++ but only the first 2 semesters. And I won't be seeing that third semester until God drops a big fat stack of 100 dollar bills next to my Compaq MV720 CRT. So I know some basics, but this project is partially to teach me some more C++ too.

    Thanks in advance to all help.

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    A couple of FAQs

    Running programs within programs

    Searching for files
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    Thanks, Salem... I'll look through those and see if I can't gather a little more info, and maybe get a few steps further on all this. I'm still feeling a little lost, but I'm sure it'll pass...

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